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Welcome to MortgageFacts.com.au. I am Troy Davy, from Perth Mortgage Broker Group, a mortgage broker with many years of lending experience. I have designed this website to give you important information on what is more than likely, one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make - Your Mortgage. Mortgage Facts is designed to be interactive, leave your comments, ask any question, and you will get a reply personally from me.  
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Buying Your First Home When considering buying your first home, you may have many questions like, what do I need? How much money can I borrow?, where do I start?. There is a myriad of information out there, and it may get confusing when you may just want to know, Where do I start?.
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Debt Consolidation With Your Home Loan These days it may be easy to find yourself in a position where you are struggling to make ends meet each month. Other debts, like a car loan, credit cards or tax debt, may be putting your budget under pressure. You may feel like you are falling behind. It may be a good time to think about consolidating that debt into your mortgage.
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Why Use A Mortgage Broker

Why Use A Mortgage Broker?

I guess I might be a bit biased on this one, but I think there are many advantages to using a mortgage broker. A mortgage broker is generally independent to the banks and lenders on their panel of lenders, and when researching a home loan for you, will look at the best options for your situation. A mortgage broker too, will also want to develop a long term relationship with you, to take care of your mortgage needs now and in the future. It may be very handy for you, to have a mortgage broker, to look at various options as you go through life. Some advantages to using a mortgage broker are -


  • Most mortgage brokers have more than 20 banks and lenders on their panel of lenders, and can help source the best home loan option for you.
  • You may of been to your bank, and they said no to an idea you may of have had. A mortgage broker maybe able to source a bank or lender that will finance your ideas.
  • Most mortgage brokers work seven days a week, and after hours, so you can meet at a time that suits you.
  • A mortgage broker will know different niches that the banks and lenders have, or research mortgage options, giving you many different finance options for your needs.
  • Deal with the mortgage broker directly, not with the banks or lenders call centres.
  • Mortgage brokers are working for you, not the banks, to help source the best home loan for your situation.

It is important to ask your mortgage broker any questions that you may have. It is also important to make sure the mortgage broker is a member of one of the Finance industry association bodies, this way you will know that the mortgage broker will be licensed and qualified to assist you with your needs. Knowledge is power, your mortgage broker should be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

I am a mortgage broker with many years of experience in the finance industry. I am accredited with over 25 different lending institutions and I am a member of the MFAA, the mortgage and Finance Association of Australia. If you would like to use my services as a mortgage broker, please contact me anytime. I work the whole Perth metro area. You can also leave a comment below, and I will reply to it.


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I am a mortgage broker from Perth Mortgage Broker Group with many years of lending experience in Western Australia. Mortgagefacts.com.au is designed to give you some information about your mortgage, your online resource. Post a comment, send us your blog, we will answer your questions, no strings attached. Of course if you are looking for a mortgage broker, I would be more than happy to help you with your home loan. Contact me anytime to discuss your mortgage needs. I work the whole Perth metro area, 7 days a week.
All content on Mortgage Facts is general information and may not apply to your personal situation. Advice from your mortgage broker, accountant or financial planner is highly recommended before you make any decisions.
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